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US air attack in Afghanistan kills woman and seven children

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has confirmed the incident repeating his persistent but unheeded demand that strikes in residential areas cease. He claimed the attack has caused further harm to Afghan United States relations.
At least one other civilian was reported injured in the attack. The Obama administration has said nothing about the strike but NATO said that they were aware of the civilian deaths but that the strike was aimed "at an enemy force". An ISAF report gives their version of events with different civilian casualty figures: "While moving through Ghorband district, ANSF commandos and their coalition advisers came under heavy fire from insurgents, resulting in the death of one ISAF service member. The force required defensive air support to suppress the enemy fire from two compounds. According to initial operational reports, at least 10 insurgents were killed. Tragically, two civilians inside a building from which insurgents were firing on the c…