Trump demands $5.9 billion more from US Congress for military expenses

(November 8) On Monday just as President Donald Trump was leaving Japan for South Korea on a trip that he claimed was aimed at countering what he called the "North Korean menace", he announced that he would request another $5.9 billion for the military.
The U.S. is installing an anti-missile defense system in South Korea known as THAAD. Trump's request includes: $4 billion for a missile defense and detection system on the Korean peninsula. $1.2 billion to fund his request for 3,500 additional U.S. troops in Afghanistan. $700 million to repair two Navy ships. Adding funds for the Missile Defense Agency Three months ago Trump had expressed doubts about his proposal to cut the Missile Defense Agency's budget and had promised he would add billions back to the program. Trump boasted on Sunday:"We make the best military equipment in the world. A shot was just taken by Iran, at my opinion, at Saudi Arabia. You know about that, right? You saw the missile that went out? An…

Upcoming Chrome browser will block unwanted redirects

Starting with a new version of Chrome in 2018 the Google browser will stop annoying redirects from a website to another page that you did not expect or want.
When you are navigating to a particular web page and then suddenly your browser jumps to a different page in what is called a redirect this is annoying and often something the original website target did not want to happen. Chrome 64 that is now being tested and is expected to be released early next year will block that kind of redirect. Google product manager Ryan Schoen said in a blog post: "We've found that this redirect often comes from third-party content embedded in the page, and the page author didn't intend the redirect to happen at all." Chrome will inform you of its blocking action. When you click on a link, sometimes the website will open in a new tab while the existing tab displays a page you did not request. Chrome 65 which is to be released a few weeks after Chrome 64 will prevent this from happen…

Oh no! Trump tweets can be twice as long now

After what Twitter describes as a successful trial run with select users in September the company announced that it will be setting the maximum character limit at 280 characters double the 140 characters allowed now.
While the trial run in September was only for select users,the Vergedescribes a work around that allowed all users to tweet 280 characters. The new limit is scheduled to take effect at 9 p.m. on Tuesday November 7. When the trial run of the 280 character version was initiated there was a fierce backlash from some Twitter users who often react angrily to any change in Twitter. Some complained that Twitter had lost its way as the essence of Twitter was brevity. Perhaps the old saying should be: "Brevity is the soul of nitwits." The original limit of 180 characters was set when people were expected to send and read tweets via text messages. Text messages could be up to 160 characters. Twitter set the limit below that at 140 so there would be room left for a usernam…

Several new minimalist phones serve niche market

While Apple may launch iPhones that have more and more functions, several new phones are designed to do less and cost less. They will serve those who want only a basic phone with no bells and whistles or higher costs.

FutureModel is the company that intends to release the aptly named Niche-Phone-S later in November.
The company has designed a phone for a niche market perhaps evoking nostalgia for a simpler, cheaper time as far as phones are concerned.
The phone runs Android but is confined mostly to making calls, sending text, and streaming music. The phone is shaped much like a credit card. It looks a bit like an odd calculator.
A report by Engadget Japan has some photos of the phone, but the text is in Japanese. The phone is set to be launched in Japan on November 10th, priced at around $95.
The OS is Android 4.2. You will be able to record voice memos, play back music and also connect to Bluetooth headsets.
Light Phone
The Light Phone came out earlier in 2017. It has eve…